Call for Proposals

About the Workshop

Robots can be a metaphor for perfection. Influenced by pop-culture, we assume they never get tired, are always ready to work, and do not make mistakes. However, when we look around us and observe what existing, real-world robots can actually do we are faced with a different reality as robots do fail, they are not perfect, and they eventually make mistakes.

Until now, most approaches in Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) were centered around a single metaphor, striving towards a human-like, utilitarian, can-do-it-all robot. While this strategy has advantages, it also places unrealistic expectations for robots, which frequently result in disappointment when interacting with them. In this workshop, we call for exploring alternative designs for social robots to cultivate new perspectives on robots, outside the existing norms. Alternative metaphors have been previously successful in breaking through fixation and bringing novel design and products. Furthermore, metaphors can serve as a vessel to wider societal imaginaries of technology and progress.

This is the 1st Edition of the "Metaphors for Human-Robot Interactions" Workshop, held virtually and in conjunction with ICSR 2020. The aim of this half-day workshop is to use metaphors to reinvent how robots can interact with humans, re-imagine alternative physical shapes for robots, and open up a conversation about the role robots might have in societies. Our goal is to create a "Collection of Metaphors" that provides a reference for alternative designs and interactions between humans and robots. The intended audience for this workshop are designers, artists, writers, film-makers, architects, philosophers, psychologists, computer scientists and engineers, that are interested in speculating about new imaginaries for social robots.